Importance of Face Masks for Kids

Due to the current pandemic situation of Covid-19, mask has become necessary for everyone including kids. As it is one of the important measures to slow down the spread of covid-19. However, it can be a difficult adjustment for kids to wear a face mask. Many kids haven’t even seen others wearing a mask in public places, so they don’t really know about what it means to wear one.

It is very important for kids to wear mask. Only the ones who do not have to wear are:

  • Babies who are 2-year-old and below
  • Kids who have medical conditions where it makes them difficult to breathe
  • Kids with some development disabilities who can’t wear or remove masks on their own.

Kids can get these diseases very easily as they are more prone to bacteria and viruses. Their immunity is not so strong as we adults have. Hence, it is important for them to wear mask, not only to protect themselves, but also others. To catch the kid’s attention many companies have started to manufacture masks for kids. They look attractive and colourful with different cartoon characters for them.

One of the eco-friendly manufacturers we know is Custom Earth Promos, which are located at Florida, US. They are into manufacturing of Reusable custom bags and Top-quality face masks which are made from natural, recycled water bottles and other recycled materials. If you are looking for some custom-made masks you can check on their website for details as they provide a wide variety of CE certified and FDA approved face masks.

It is up to parents how to make kids wear these masks:

  • Firstly, explain to them what is coronavirus, specially about germs and what they can do to their body
  • Make sure you tell them the various precautions they need to take to protect themselves from this virus.
  • Then make it a habit to them to wear mask whenever they go out. Teach them how to wear it and remove it.
  • Make using mask fun for them by getting something they like. Example you can choose masks that has their favourite cartoon characters, so they get attracted to them and choose to wear them
  • Be a role model to them, wear your mask too when you go out. Because children copy what adults do.
  • Always understand that they will take time to adopt to this new system. They are too small to accept any changes immediately. Give them time and once they are relaxed talk to them and understand the reason why they don’t want to wear the mask. Then explain them the importance with your love and care.

Masks are very important especially for those who go to school or day care or playgroup. There they might meet many other kids and teachers too. Hence it is vital for them to wear mask to protect them. All you need to do is to be patient and calm, and handle the situation with love and care. As we all know, the current situation is tough for we adults to handle, and they are still small kids.


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