The accurate and rapid diagnosis of fibromyalgia is closer

A team of researchers from the Ohio State University has managed to detect the ‘molecular signature’ of fibromyalgia, and works on a blood test capable of accurately detecting the disease.

For a long time it has been tried to relativize the importance of fibromyalgia. To the point of depreciating and even belittling those who suffer from adducing arguments as despicable as the symptoms are feigned, but the truth is that it is a disease as real as the millions of people who suffer in the world. Best way to treat it medically is Lyrica and it is available at Prescription Hope where Lyrica price is comparatively small.
At this point , fibromyalgia, fortunately, is already considered a neuroimmune disease that compromises the organism at many levels and that can manifest itself through more than 30 different symptoms, among which we can highlight chronic pain and fatigue, both highly disabling. Although other symptoms are also recurrent such as depression, anxiety, problems sleeping, headaches and problems of thinking, memory and concentration.

Its origin is unknown and to date its diagnosis is based on the information provided by the patient about a multitude of symptoms and a physical evaluation of the patient’s pain. And unfortunately there is no cure and treatment is limited to exercise, education and, in many cases, antidepressants.

Molecular signature of fibromyalgia

Therefore, the finding of researchers from the Ohio State University (USA) is a halo of hope for the understanding of the disease because, for the first time, has been detected, the ‘molecular signature’ of fibromyalgia , which It can lead to the development of a blood test that can detect the disease accurately and quickly.

The results of the research, published in the ‘Journal of Biological Chemistry’ , could represent an important turning point in the care of patients with a disease that is often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed because it opens the way to new treatments or more precise , specific and personalized treatments. And above all, it clears up any doubt about the existence of the disease, which is as real as the people who suffer it.



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