Top 6 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Peruse through the internet and you will come across a lot of bad advice on what loss. Most of the advice you will come across is either unproven or will not work at all. Most of the things you read are just myths about weight loss. Here are a few lies, misconceptions and myths regarding weight loss you might come across.

All Calories are the same

Calories give you a measure of the energy you will derive from a given type of food. All calories have an equal amount of energy. However, that does not imply that similar calorie sources cause the same effect in your body. Foods pass through different metabolic paths and tend to have vastly dissimilar effects on hormones that control body weight and hunger.

For instance, protein calories will not be the same as calories from carbohydrates. Therefore, substituting fat and carbs with proteins can boost your metabolic rate; lower your appetite or craving, while improving the function of hormones that control body weight.

Losing weight is a linear journey

Weight loss is not linear at all, as you may have been led to believe. You may she weight during a certain week and lose none at all the following week. If you are struggling to lose weight and are looking for ways to shed your extra pound without sweat of stress, Genotropin Pens for Weight Loss will get you there in no time.

Not only is Genotropin Pens for Weight Loss effective at getting your body back into good shape, but you can also inject it yourself. It is widely available, all you need is to speak to your doctor and inquire how long you would need to inject Genotropin Pens for Weight Loss to achieve the desired results.

Supplements will get you to shed weight in no time

There are tons of supplements for weight loss. The supplement market is huge. Most of the supplements being advertised promise you a dramatic effect within a very short time. However, studies have shown that these such supplements are not effective at all.

The reason they seem to work for some people is the placebo effect. People often fall for this ruse and buy the supplements to get an extra pound off their bodies, so they become aware of their dieting habits.

That said, there are supplements that actually work, although to a limited extent. These particular ones can help you lose weight after a few months.

Obesity has more to do with willpower, and not biology

This is a common misconception. It is false to believe that obesity is linked to willpower and not your genetic material. Will power has something to do with making choices. Obesity is complicated and is linked to dozens of factors.

There are many genetic factors associated with this disorder, and a number of other medical issues, all of which increase a person’s risk of obesity.

In addition, your body has a number of biological paths and hormones that regulate your body weight. All these tend to be disharmonious in persons suffering from obesity. This makes it nearly impossible to lose weight.

For instance, people who are resistant to leptin tend to be obese. This hormone signals the brain informing it that your body has enough fat reserves. However, when leptin is not doing its job properly, your brain interprets this as starvation.

Eat less, move more

Your body’s fat reserves are simply stored calories. For you to shed some fat, you need to burn calories. In other words, if your calorie use is much more than what you eat. You will lose weight. For that reason, eating less and moving more makes much more sense when it comes to weight loss.

However, this does not sound like good advice to someone with complex weight problems. In fact, some people tend to gain weight when they follow this advice. There are a number of biochemical and psychological elements that cause this to happen.

What people need is to change their perspective or behavior to lose weight with exercise and diet. Simply asking a person to walk more and eat less is not good enough.

Carbs cause you to add weight

Low carbohydrate diets contribute significantly to weight loss. This is a science-based fact. In most cases, weight loss happens without you adjusting your calories. As long as you increase your protein intake and keep your carbs low, you will shed weight.

That said, this should not be misinterpreted to mean that carbs are responsible for your body adding weight. Obesity complications began in the 80s, but we have been consuming carbs since time immemorial.

Refined carbs such as sugar and grains can cause your body to add weight. However, whole meals with plenty of carbs are very healthy.

Final Take

A simple rule of thumb that works every time is that if the label on packaging claims the food within is healthy, chances are it is not. Such foods are bad for your health. This along with myths and misconceptions we have listed will help you manage your weight loss program.

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