Organic Microwave Synthesis of Peptides: What You Need

Microwave synthesis is one of the approaches widely used in peptides synthesis around the globe, and this is rightly so due to the numerous and versatile benefits it has over most of the peptide synthesis methods. It is not just ideal for peptide synthesis alone, but also for the synthesis of other novel compounds.

Speedy reactions

One of its characteristic features, which makes it admirable to most researchers, is the fact that it offers speeds far superior than what you would normally find with most of the synthesis methods. Traditional heating never attains the high temperatures and pressures synonymous with microwave peptide synthesis, and this allows chemists and researchers the versatility to conduct reactions that were not possible in the past.

Wide range of experiments

Microwave synthesis makes it possible to simply increase the temperatures to complete reactions hundreds of times faster than what would have been experienced in the traditional reactions. As such, it makes it possible for chemists and researchers to test ideas quickly, and execute rapid synthesis of compounds they need to complete the structure of activity relationship. This increases the range of experiments that can be done as the synthesis time is greatly reduced; hence, there is time to do much more.

No more time wasting supervising the synthesis process

Microwave peptide synthesis is safe, reliable and highly predictable. All aspects of the instrument and the processes used have precise control of temperature, pressure and time, and this allows reproducibility as well as easy scaling up. You no longer need to spend hours and hours supervising the synthesis process.

Versatile way to go

With microwave peptide synthesis, all you have to do is put the reaction mixture in the vials and cap them, then insert them into the microwave and key in your desired reaction parameters, and simply let the machine do its thing. The system is compact, reliable, versatile and most importantly, it is easy to use.



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