Finding Couples Rehab Near Me

When both partners are addicted, it can be difficult to achieve sobriety. However, not getting help can create many problems for couples such as financial loss, relationship challenges and negative effects on their mental and physical health. If both of them are willing to receive treatment at the same time, they can learn from each other’s triggers and recover together as well as avoid relapse. Finding a place close to home by searching “couples rehab near me” can also help improve their relationship and manage issues like codependence.

Attending Rehab Together

Couples can go to the same rehab program together. Many treatment facilities provide this option for couples who are both committed to recovery and have a strong relationship. Their motivation to change and achieve sobriety is an important factor in treatment. This will increase their chances of completing treatment together with the dedication and focus required to maintain lasting sobriety.

Couples Therapy

Substance abuse affects a relationship in various ways. There’s always the risk of relapse, and there are physical and emotional injuries that can’t be reversed. If the couple has developed relationship habits like codependency or enabling substance use, it must be reversed first before they can move forward in recovery. Couples therapy helps partners build a new relationship standard. This includes new ways of spending time and interacting together that support abstinence. While these new behaviors or standards take time to learn, they can help couples maintain a stronger bond by supporting each other in maintaining a sober life.

When Attending Rehab Together Is Not an Option 

Sometimes, going to the same rehab together is not an option. Maybe each of them has an issue that must be handled separately. These issues may not be dealt with as easily if both of them are living in the same rehab center. If this is the case, they may be arranged to live in separate facilities. This is usually the arrangement if one partner has psychological or medical issues that require more intense care.

Couples who have a history of violent behavior between them may be placed in separate living facilities as well. If they are dedicated to making their relationship work, the treatment facility may allow them to attend communication and therapy sessions together. They may attend therapy sessions several times a weekly. Couples may be allowed to visit each other as well. If not, they would be in separate parts of the treatment facility for the main elements of the program.

Getting into a couples rehab alone can be a vital step for the partner who gets help and may serve as an example to the other partner. The main focus should be getting help for the one who is willing to change and getting the other partner at least involved in couples therapy to encourage both parties to continue with treatment.

Once they have completed rehab and are managing recovery together, they can support each other in the future. They can help each other avoid cravings and triggers as well as keep one another on track. A peer support group and continued involvement in an aftercare program can help couples overcome challenges and continue living a sober life.

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