Covid-19 Vaccines

Access to safe and effective vaccines must be equitable in order to end the COVID-19 epidemic. It is therefore very encouraging to see many vaccines being developed and proving to be viable. WHO works tirelessly with its partners to develop, produce and deploy safe and effective vaccines.

The availability of safe and effective vaccines is a game-changer. However, we will need to continue wearing masks, washing our hands, keeping cool indoors, and physically distancing ourselves from crowds.

Even though we are vaccinated, it does not mean that vaccines will protect us from disease or transmission.

WHO’s COVID-19 vaccine candidates provide the most current information on vaccines in clinical or pre-clinical development. It is updated approximately twice per week. The WHO’s COVID-19 dashboard is updated daily and includes information about the global vaccine distributions. More detail can be found on the COVID-19 vaccination dashboard. A regional level has an AFRO CoVID-19 vaccinations dashboard as well as a PAHO coVID-19 vaccines deliveries dashboard.

It’s not vaccines alone that can stop the pandemic. We must ensure equal access to vaccines and that every country has them.

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