Tips On How To Save Money On Your Medications

Tips On How To Save Money On Your Medications

Who doesn’t want to save? Nobody but every day I see people doing the same thing and not knowing that there is a better way of acquiring their drugs without going broke. If you are serious about taking care of yourself and also saving money while doing it then this article is for you. Outlined below are steps you can take to save money on your prescription drugs. Buy generics: This is vital in saving money on your medication. Let your doctor know that you would prefer generic medications when available, in order to lower the cost of your medication. By buying generics, you can save at least 40 to 70 percent on the cost of your medications. Generics and brand medications are the same. No lost here just pure gain.

Shop around: Most people are not aware of big price difference that exists between pharmacies because it is against most states law for pharmacy to advertise the price of their medications. Don’t be fooled, a tablet of Cipro does not cost the same in CVS, Walgreens or Independent Pharmacies. If you have prescription insurance, your co-pay will remain the same no matter where you get your medications so this point is not for you. But if don’t have insurance and want to save money then listen carefully. Big retail pharmacy chains prices are always higher than everyone else because of their overhead cost. If you are serious about saving money on your medications, you should start looking at mass merchandize like Target/Wal-Mart, grocery stores or independent pharmacies. Yes independent pharmacies, contrary to popular belief these mom and pop stores charge far less for medications with better service than their retail counterparts. Just try this and you will be surprised. Buy higher strength and larger quantity: To score additional saving on your medications, let your doctor know you would prefer if he/she can prescribe a higher strength so you can split it. Also ask your doctor to prescribe at least 3 month supply for your maintenance medications. By buying in large quantity, you can also take advantage of mail order pharmacy, which typically charges far less than retail. Or you can buy 3 month supply at your pharmacy with a better discount. Use drug discount cards and coupon: Drug discount card works. It saves you money on your medications and most importantly, it is absolutely free to you. How do free drug discount cards work? It is okay to use coupons on food why not your medications. It is mind bugling to pay full price on medication when retailers are willing to give you a discount so as to have you as their customer. Don’t pay the sticker price; get a drug discount card if you don’t have prescription insurance. There are many drug discount cards out there but here are some of the few that are popular: Community Assistance program and HelpRx discount card. These cards are accepted at over sixty six thousand pharmacies across the country so you are pretty much assured that your local pharmacy will accept it.

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