Tooth Whitening – A Boon to Your Oral Health

Tooth Whitening - A Boon to Your Oral Health

Shinier bright teeth are the biggest asset to our overall personality. They do not only enhance your appearance but also give us immense confidence in front of others. You can easily figure this out with your own experience. See how a person with pale yellow teeth behaves in the party in comparison to the person who has a white set of teeth. Many people feel self-conscious about their stained, discolored teeth and do everything to reverse the situation. The common thinking says “Brush your teeth twice regularly and your teeth would whiten automatically”. Also, there are some special kits using which you can whiten your teeth comfortably sitting at home. Though processes are many, but the safest and the most trusted method is visiting the dentist. Yes it’s true, your dentist exactly knows what is wrong with your teeth. He would closely examine and advise you the best possible treatment. People visit the dentist when they face a toothache, or wants to do Root canal treatment. But there are large numbers of people who visit them for teeth whitening also. The whole process of tooth whitening is done cautiously and takes two or three sittings to finish it off completely. In this article, we will discuss thoroughly tooth whitening, its types, and advantages. So let’s start. Tooth whitening is of two types: a) Home tooth whitening: As the name suggests, you can have this treatment sitting at your home comfortably. In-Home tooth whitening, you would be given a kit that includes custom-made trays to fit into your teeth. The teeth whitening solution gel is placed in these trays, and you are supposed to wear it for 2-3 days in a week. These trays are designed in such a way that it won’t harm your gum and keep them safe from the whitening solution. The whole process takes 3 sittings and its effects last for a long time.

b) In-surgery tooth whitening: Also known as Laser whitening, In-surgery tooth whitening consists powerful chemicals that are used during the whole procedure. In this, a special coating is placed on your gums and so that they won’t get affected by the chemicals used. Then a tooth whitening gel is applied to your teeth and the whole procedure is done under intense light. Contrary to some people’s belief, the whole process is completely safe and does not harm your teeth or gums in any way. As mentioned in the above point, many people are skeptical about this procedure and feel reluctant to try it initially. For them, it’s really important to know its advantages which are as follows. 1) It enhances your look: No second thought on this point. After tooth whitening, your whole personality would be enhanced and you would feel more confident and energetic. 2) Improves your oral health: Many studies have suggested that people with healthy white teeth show tremendous improvement in their oral health routine. 3) It lasts long: Teeth whitening lasts long, really long (about one or two years). You just have to forbid harmful products like tobacco, wine and do brushing/flossing on a regular basis. The above-mentioned are only a few of the many benefits of tooth whitening. So overall we can say that having a white tooth is really an easy task, you just have to choose a good dentist and visit them on a regular basis. So what are you waiting for, get your tooth whiten today and enjoy the benefits?

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