Self-Help Tips for Chronic Pain

Whatever type you have, there is no denying that chronic pain is a tricky thing to deal with. Making things no easier is precisely the fact that there is a nearly endless list of potential causes for chronic pain. Naturally, it is not a disease or condition in itself; it is a symptom of countless diseases and conditions.

Furthermore, there are just as many distinct types of chronic pain, affecting many different parts of the body and with various kinds (and intensities) of pain. To add one further complicating factor, it can be consistent or periodic. Seen like this, it might seem a little difficult to put together a short guide for managing chronic pain!

Certainly, you would always be wise to get more specific information about your condition. But that is not to say that there isn’t general advice. To find out what this is, however, it is best to think about the common factors of common pain. The one thing which all chronic pain has in common is that, well, it is chronic.

This in turn means that general advice for dealing with it is all about lifestyle choices and mental coping mechanisms. There are also some drugs and health products that can help with chronic pain in most cases, like typical analgesic medications such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can help minimize most types of pain.

But, of course, there is a great deal more to managing chronic pain than just popping pills. Moreover, simply relying on medicine every morning to deal with it is certainly a sub-optimal solution.


Therefore, managing chronic pain comes down, in a large part, to what you do to help yourself. Self-care is especially important when it comes to chronic pain, as it means you getting through it.

To work out what self-care is best for your chronic pain condition, it is important to consider what self-care actually means. It is not the use of medications or going for medical treatments. It’s down to you, and the lifestyle choices that you make day-by-day.

Tips for Chronic Pain Self-care

So, here follow the most general tips for managing chronic. As mentioned, it is always best to ensure that you find out what specific tips might be helpful as well.


It sounds obvious, but dehydration is one of the sneakiest underlying causes of a lengthy list of problems. It isn’t so much that drinking water will alleviate your chronic pain but, if you are not hydrating well enough, this could be making the situation significantly worse.

Try CBD and Other Health Products

Certain new health products such as CBD and hydrogen water are known to help with chronic pain, often by reducing inflammation. Yammy CBD, a company supplying CBD products like CBD Vapes, topical CBD solutions, CBD oil, and gummies, say that the anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD can be highly effective for managing pain.


This might be tough to do if your pain is bad, but it will undoubtedly help. The health benefits of exercise are too many to list, but if you are not exercising at all, beginning to do so can be a real step in the right direction.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s a vicious circle, a lack of sleep worsens chronic pain, and then the chronic pain keeps you awake. Nevertheless, with judicious use of sleep aids (including CBD) and by ensuring you stick to regular schedule, finally getting enough sleep can go a long way to solving your woes.

Ultimately, chronic pain is a tricky thing to get rid of (it wouldn’t be chronic otherwise). Following some of the above tips though, will nearly always go some way to helping.

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